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Legal documents available online


Another useful new online service has been added to the HR Zone Resource Centre. The new legal document centre has been created in partnership with – a leading supplier of online legal documents.

The documents available cover the areas of employment, business contracts, partnerships, housing, immigration and wills. More areas are being added each month.

Within each area, you will find a series of legal template forms available. They are each individually priced, and some are available free of charge. Each legal form is guaranteed to be legally valid in England and Wales. The online process prompts you for all the information you require to complete each form; it then drops this information into the appropriate places within each form. As a result, for minimal cost, you can create a completely accurate employment contract, partnership, agency agreement, distribution agreement and many other legal documents.

This service is available on HR Zone. It’s just one of a series of additional online services currently available to assist your work from both these sites.

And don’t forget, you can add the entire HR Resource Centre, Trainers Toolkit and Learning Centre functionality to your own website or intranet. Here’s how.

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Tim Pickles


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