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Make the most of temps’ skills


Investors in People (IiP) is urging employers to make more of an effort to integrate temporary workers so they can benefit from the skills and experience temps bring with them.

It’s estimated that 1.2 million temps keep businesses in the UK moving each week – but IiP says many do not know what’s expected of them, their role or how it relates to the organisation’s goals.

IiP acting chief executive Simon Jones says: “Temporary workers can bring a wide range of skills and experience to an organisation, but all too often employers view them simply as a short-term solution to a resourcing problem. While this can be de-motivating for the individual, it is also a wasted opportunity for the employer.

“Getting the most from temporary workers requires employers to think ahead and invest time in planning the role. As with any other employees, you have to set clear goals and create support systems that will help temporary workers give of their best. Without this, employers hinder the contribution that these workers can make in support of business goals.”

IiP recommends a number of steps to help employers ensure they are getting the most from temporary workers, from planning inductions to get the best from them to specific tactical measures such as a whistle-stop tour of company principles, customer service standards and key ‘dos and don’ts’.

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