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Member wire #101 – Teambuilding – A Real Motivator?


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 101
31 May 2005

1. Editor’s Comment: Laissez faire … the best option?
2. What will losing the opt-out really mean?
3. Open all hours: The working impact
4. News in Brief: The week in HR
5. Any Answers: Market rate for students

Editor’s note
Many of us have been there, done that and got the badge when it
comes to teambuilding exercises but has the ‘less is more’
school of thought got a point?

This week’s Editor’s Comment looks at whether running around a
forest in a sweaty, oversized boiler suit playing ‘Pulse Ranger’
is really the best way of injecting some loyalty and team

Share your views and let us know your thoughts on the issue.


Annie Hayes

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Spirit Group; HSA; Royal Albert Hall; Northgate HR; Plymouth
Community Partnership; VIASYS Healthcare; BUPA; Rangers Football
Club; HMG; Chiron Vaccines; Connexions; West Berkshire Council;
Argos Direct; Capita; Nestle USA; Rhondda Cynon Taf County
Borough Council; Brent Teaching Primary Care Trust; MBE
Gloucester; SHL Group; Peak Consulting Ltd; Daewoo Electronics

Editor’s Comment: Laissez faire … the best option?
Playing ‘soldiers’ while trussed up in a boiler suit, toy gun in
hand is the ultimate in tired and tested teambuilding activities
that are designed to bond and unite colleagues through mutual
humiliation; an aspect of management that begs the question is
it worth it?

What will losing the opt-out really mean?
Gordon Brown’s crusade against regulation isn’t going to be an
easy one – he now has to fend off evil Strasbourg, where nasty
MEPs have threatened to take away the opt-out from the 48 hour-
week provision of the Working Time Directive.

Open all hours: The working impact
The liberalisation of licensing and gambling laws come into
force this November and will inevitably impact on the workplace
as employees are lured to stay out longer and party harder; Ruth
Hickling, Head of Employment at Stringer Saul LLP looks at the

News In Brief
The week in HR
See our at-a-glance round-up of all the latest HR news including
BBC strike suspended, pay settlements back at 3%, Labour’s plans
for radical workplace reform and how looking after dodgems
doesn’t pay.

HDIGH? Anna Corrie L&D Manager, Ramada Jarvis
Anna Corrie explains how she fell into learning and development
by accident.

The Couch?! Presents: That’s the wurst sausage I’ve ever tasted
While on a weekend break in Berlin, The Couch’s?! gourmet
expeditionary force threw itself with abandon into beer and
bratwursts. The result was an outbreak of off-colour humour and
all the wurst jokes we’ve ever known.

Featured Any Answers question: Market rate for students
Q: Does anyone know where I can get more information on what
rates we should be paying school leavers as temporary workers
over the summer? – Stella Woodend

See the answers by Sandra Beale and Keith Luxon at:

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