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Member wire #87 – Reward – the cash-cow


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 87
22 February 2005

1. Editor’s Comment: Reward – the cash-cow
2. Keep workers’ health records in line with Data Protection
3. How Did I Get Here? Martin Schmalenbach
4. HR ‘job for life’ … is no longer
5. Any Answers: bank holidays, training formats, contracts

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How do you protect users of VDUs and meet your legal obligation?

Editor’s note
Watch out for our special Thursday supplement looking at the
future of payroll. Karen Paterson, founder of corporate payroll
solutions provider Patersons and Simon Parsons, Chair of the
Revenue’s Electronic Exchange Network will present the case and
make their arguments for outsourcing.

With pay uppermost in the mind, Editor’s Comment turned to
reward and found rich pickings on offer for specialists in the
field. Find out what you could earn as a reward manager:


Annie Hayes


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Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

FedEx Express; British Airways; Durham County Council; CITB;
Bank Restaurant Group; JPMorgan; Surrey Police; Age Computer
Services; Foster Care Associates; Department for Education and
Skills; Health and Safety Executive; Oxford City Council; HSBC;
Vanguard Rental; Dodson & Horrell; City of Bath College;
Deloitte & Touche; Dynamic Management Resources; Goodyear Dunlop
Tyres UK; Wedlake Bell; Travelex Currency Services; Post Office;
Selfridges & Co; InterContinental Hotels Group; Housing Link

IRS Employment Review: Performing the pay gamble
Merit-based pay rewards staff for performance, triggers
motivation and may help to control wage costs. Few
organisations, however, recognise the link between pay and
performance. See our latest round-up of pay rewards and examine
the benefits and pitfalls of paying for performance.
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Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Comment: Reward – the cash-cow
‘Boom not bust’ was the message for reward specialists at this
year’s CIPD conference and the good times it seems are rolling;
Editor’s Comment prods at the rich pickings on offer.

Keep workers’ health records in line with Data Protection
Paul Avis from Employ-Mend discusses what is needed to comply
with Part four of the Data Protection Act (1998); a particularly
contentious aspect of workers’ health records.

How Did I Get Here? Martin Schmalenbach
Martin Schmalenbach was frustrated that seemingly ‘intelligent
and experienced CEOs could manage to completely screw-up
organisations’ so he joined the training profession to right
some wrongs – review his career to date.

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Top news stories

HR ‘job for life’ … is no longer
A job for life is now a thing of the past with over half of HR
professionals now expecting to become ‘serial careerists’.

TUC push long hours ‘bossagram’
The Trades Union Congress has declared Friday, 25 February ‘Work
Your Proper Hours’ day and are encouraging workers to send their
boss a timely reminder to mark the occasion.

It’s official: public sector get more holiday
All workers are entitled to twenty days off per year regardless
of their length of service but according to analysts IRS, public
sector workers are enjoying more than their fair share.

Labour market at full capacity
Employment levels have reached their highest level since
comparable records began in 1971.

Tight-lipped Brits keep salary details private
Workers in the UK are the most reticent of all Europeans when it
comes to divulging salary details.

Businesses back staff development
More bosses are giving their support to staff development,
according to a new survey.

Women pull up a pew as Synod paves way to equality
By 2010 the Church of England may witness the consecration of
women bishops for the first time.

How do you protect users of VDUs and meet your legal obligation?
Eyecare Vouchers were launched in 1993 in direct response to the
Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations. They
offer a simple and efficient way to protect employee eyesight
and comply with legal obligations. It is the UK’s leading
corporate eye care scheme with 95% of opticians accepting
Eyecare Vouchers – making it the most flexible and convenient
scheme available to employers.

Any Answers answered: Bank holiday pay
Q – My wife works as a PA. She is paid on an hourly rate and
clocks in and out. She is entitled to 20 days paid leave per
annum, but was upset at Christmas to discover that, although the
offices close on Bank Holidays, she received no pay for the
three at Christmas and New Year.

Are her employers entitled to do this?

Alun Brookfield

A – Your wife should look at her employment contract which will
set out the basis of her holiday entitlement.

There is no obligation to pay bank holidays. However, the
statutory minimum holiday is four weeks which can include the
eight bank holidays.

Part-time workers don’t necessarily work on a bank holiday, so
many companies just include the bank holiday entitlement with
total holiday allowances and then pro-rata that according to
hours worked.

If your wife is not being paid for any of the bank holdays and
is not receiving a pro-rate allowance then she has a case.

Peter Duckitt
Read the rest of the answer at:

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Any Answers
Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. A selection of new Any Answers
questions posted this week:

Does anyone have any examples of equality and diversity
management training?

Alison Lester is looking for an ‘exciting format’ for sickness
absence management training – can you help?

Does anyone have a form to amend an employee contract in regard
to salary sacrifice for childcare vouchers? Asks Sarah Cave

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