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Member’s tip: Medical expenses


Does medical expense cover ensure a healthy and productive workforce or is it an expensive policy that makes little difference to employee retention? Iain Young outlines some important considerations.

Bearing in mind a simply thing like a PET Scan can cost over £1,300, if you are serious about getting people back to work I would suggest investigating the purchase of BUPA or some other private medical insurance scheme for your staff.

The advantage of such a scheme is that it is not reliant upon the NHS. Where an appointment to see a specialist under the NHS may take three months and then a further two to three months before an operation, with a private scheme this can all be done in a matter of weeks so your employee is back in the workforce and productive a lot quicker.

Instead of paying sick pay for six months you are only paying it for one or two months.

I would also use a broker rather than directly with someone like BUPA, as a broker will manage the scheme for you rather than leaving you with extra administration.


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Medical expenses


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