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Member’s tip: One minute silence


How can you organise periods of respectful silence in a call centre environment? Nik Kellingley says just don’t do it.

My advice is not to do this at all, unless the silence is a national event (in which case your customers may understand not being able to access your service) just don’t do it – your clients expect access to your staff so don’t prevent that.

If you must do it, then you need to ensure that the phones are closed off – by having your agents log off – but again any customers who are currently speaking to an agent must not be cut short or forced to endure a two minute silence so you’ll need to get them to start logging off from 10 to 15 minutes before the silence is due to take place … that’s why it’s a bad idea in a call centre.

Those agents who particularly wish or need to take part should be allowed to take their breaks at this point and observe their silence out of the main call centre area; and others should carry on as normal.

Sometimes the practical side of running a business must come before the wishes of staff.

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One minute silence


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