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Men ‘twice as likely’ to have flexible work hours requests knocked back


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These statistics are from an Australian survey into the ‘power of flexibility’ from consultancy firm Bain & Co. The survey questioned 1030 people, of which 42% were male and 58% were female.

Key findings:

  • Men were twice as likely to have flexible working requests turned down
  • 60% of men want flexible working hours, but there is a lack of senior support
  • 38% of females and 28% of males surveyed said they used flexible work arrangements

Other related findings:

  • One survey respondent said: “My boss told me I wouldn’t be able to get promoted working part-time.”
  • Another was told by his manager that “part-time is traditionally only something we make work for women.”

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there a difference in your organisation in how men and women perceive their flexible working requests to be received by management?
  • Are there workers who would like to submit flexible working requests but feel they will be discriminated against if they do?
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Jamie Lawrence

Insights Director

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