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New proposals to reduce gender inequality in pay


The Kingsmill Review of women’s pay and employment has published its report. Denise Kingsmill was instructed to find “non-legislative and cost-effective proposals to deliver improvements in women’s employment prospects and participation in the labour market”.

The government has considered the review and made its proposals, which include
– new requirements for companies to reveal details on training, investment and recruitment
– measures to make it easier for employee’s to recognise pay inequalities
– the encouragement of employment and pay reviews on women’s employment
– highlighting the examples of “champion” organisations with fair pay policies
– best practice awards

Research from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research suggests that on average, women working full-time still earn only 81% of full-time male earnings.

Patricia Hewitt (Trade and Industry Secretary and Minister for Women) said: “An important part of this cultural change comes from providing better information to employees and to shareholders on a company’s record on equal pay and employment. The new equal pay questionnaires will allow employees to test their company’s equal pay policy by obtaining information about pay schemes and job grades as well as how skills and experience are reflected in the company’s pay system.”

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