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News: man-flu cured by sick economy


Worry over job security is forcing many UK workers to haul themselves off their sickbeds and trudge into work, according to Fisherman’s Friends annual British Cold and Flu Survey.

Six out of 10 workers did not take a single day off work with cold or flu in 2012, even though on average most people suffered two bouts of the sniffles or worse a year. Those that did take to their beds were back at work after 1.4 days compared with an average of two days the year before and four days four years ago.
This latest drop in absenteeism has sliced an extra £1.35bn off the cost of winter ailments. While in 2008, the annual cost of cold and flu was estimated at £9bn, today the cost has fallen to £3.26bn.
“During more auspicious times, people appear much more confident to call in sick and rest up until they get better. But when people fear for their jobs, they are much more determined to show their dedication to the cause, even when ill,” said Fisherman’s Friend spokesman Rob Metcalfe
Stress, being run down and working too hard was cited as the prime reason for cold or flu taking hold by six out of 10 respondents to the survey which polled 2,000 UK adults.

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