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News: Union requests clarification on whether HP to cut 30,000 jobs


The Public and Commercial Services Union has written to IT supplier HP "demanding immediate discussions" in light of press reports it plans to shed as many as 30,000 positions globally.

The union said it wants to determine "what impact this will have on our members who work for HP in the UK".
These "latest cuts" come after thousands of redundancies have already been made by HP over recent years, "leading to questions about the company’s future", it said.
PCS national officer Paul Barnsley attested: “Reports that the cuts will be focussed on the Enterprise part of the HP business will be a significant cause for concern for our members. We are making it clear to the employer that we are opposed to job cuts."
The question was why workers should pay the price with their jobs, while top executives continued to be paid multi-million pound bonuses, regardless of whether the company has success or failure, he added. "We will oppose compulsory redundancies by any means possible," Barnsley said.
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Cath Everett

Freelance journalist and former editor of HRZone

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