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News: work experience and a vicious circle


Many young job seekers are finding difficult to break through the cycle of ‘no experience, no job’ and kickstart their careers.

A study of 2,000 UK people by defence recruitment firm Advanced Resource Managers (ARM) found 70% of young adults knew someone who’d been told by potential employers to go away and get experience before coming back. 
One in two young adults felt frustrated by the lack of options when they left school and the unsettled economy means their choices will continue to be restricted in 2013. 
Gaining practical experience was identified by nearly seven out of 10 adults as an excellent way of getting noticed by employers, which points to the need for work experience to feature more prominently on the school curriculum.
Lynda Ennis, international director from ARM said: “Young people need to make themselves stand out from the crowd by identifying practical things to do that they can show a potential employer; this starts at school.
“Simple steps taken early on can set someone up for life and give them the edge on other candidates for the same job.”

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