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NVQ Level 5 Strategic Management


Thursday 12th I will need to present on my strategy (KM) and enter discussion on my chosen subject (performance management. Those attending will be from examining board, university profs, NVQ Assessors and my company’s senior execs. Has anyone been through this who could give me some tips? Presentation, types of questions asked etc to assist in my preparation. I am the only woman on this course and am struggling to maintain confidence levels in the light of the men’s supreme confidence !!!!! Thanks.
Tanya French

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  1. Jitters
    Just remember you are the one in control, do not let yourself be dictated to by your expectation of what their expectation is.

    I have delivered to exulted (and not so exulted) audiences, and the trick is to know what you are there for, order your materials, and practice, practice, practice, especially the basics. Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you have told them. They are interested, and they are their to help (even difficult audiences, after all, you know what you are going to say next)!

    Above all, do not worry about what others are pretending to be. You are doing your NVQ, not them doing it for you or you doing it for them.

    Good luck and enjoy yourself!

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