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Oh Big Brother! Penny’s peepshow puts job in peril


Lisa Ellis, is an English teacher at the Sarah Bonell School in Stratford, East London, but is probably better known as one of the contestants in Channel 4’s Big Brother programme.

Lisa, better known in the house as ‘Penny’, is apparently landing herself in hot water after twice being filmed in shower scenes with towels that had a tendency to slip. Both ‘accidents’ mean that Penny has been seen twice with no clothes.

It may make tittilating TV, but the actions have led Penny’s headteacher to warn that any similar ‘accidents’ are likely to result in the teacher losing her job at the all-girl school. The headmistress, Cauthar Tooley, reportedly said: “If she wants to behave in a lewd way she knows that she will have terminated her contract. I feared that contestants would be encouraged to behave in a sexually overt manner and I warned her about this before she entered the house. I believed that she valued her position and would not do anything like this. Perhaps it was an accident.”

Penny’s isolation in the Big Brother house means that her headteacher’s warning will go unheard.

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