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People analytics, emotional AI and recruiting spies through social media


A hearty welcome to our latest round up of HR news, opinion, research and assorted blogs.

Every few weeks we're putting a tech slant on our round ups due to the overwhelming amount of interesting HR-related tech news out there. So let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and tell us about any other stories you've found interesting recently!


– What I learned from releasing my first book: "Trumpism and Digital HR"​ (Dan Croitor, LinkedIn)

– Thoughts on advancements in technology and the world of work (Sukh Pabial)

– Social-media savvy teenage girls targeted for recruitment by security services (The Telegraph)


The rise of robots in our homes and workplaces (HR Director)

– How to be human when technology is driving the new industrial revolution (The Conversation)

– Ethics – the next frontier for artificial intelligence (TechCrunch)

Emotional AI: coming soon? (L'Atelier)

HR tech

The HR software market reinvents itself (Forbes)

– Facing the challenge of our technological future (HRN Blog)

– Deloitte survey looks at the Future of Work and the workplace (ESM)

– Want to be innovative in HR? Start with people, not technology (Rob Catalano, LinkedIn)


Is your organisation a data science leader or laggard? (Forbes)

What constitutes best practice in people analytics? (David Green, LinkedIn)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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