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People management awards short-list revealed


Six businesses will be fighting it out for the 2004 People Management prize; the winner will be revealed at the annual Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) exhibition this October.

The award recognises excellence in the field of people management and development.

Competition was fierce this year with the award receiving the largest number of entries since it was launched in 1995.

The six finalists include:

1. BAA – Terminal 5: T5 incident and injury-free programme

BAA launched the Terminal 5 (T5) Incident and Injury-free programme to change the safety culture on T5.

Their employee survey results revealed:

* 78% agreed that if they feel unsafe they can stop the job and speak to their supervisor
* 72% reduction in the frequency of accidents since the programme has been in place

2. Liverpool North Merseyside Police: Leadership accreditation scheme

A leadership scheme was introduced when Liverpool North Merseyside Police recognized it was struggling to meet crime targets.

The results were:

* Efficiency savings of £547,660
* 32% increase in the number of crimes detected
* Overall reduction of crimes committed by 10%
* Increased availability of each officer by almost 4 days

3. Met Office: Relocation

The Met Office relocated its Headquarters, Operations and Research Centres from Bracknell to Exeter. Over 1,000 members of staff were relocated alongside two supercomputers. This all had to be done while ensuring a continuous service.

Planning ensured:

* Gains on business and revenue targets
* The transfer worked to the schedule
* The majority of key staff made the move – ensuring expertise was retained and making a net contribution of £25 million
* The transfer was completed with no interruption to business output

4. INA Bearing Company Limited: Culture change programme

INA Bearing is a manufacturer of high precision engine components employing 360 people. They have experienced severe competition from lower wage countries, and as a result many ‘low tech’ products have been transferred away from the plant.

The management team embarked on a culture change programme, with the vision of being the ‘Production location of choice’. The programme focused on productivity and efficiency by encouraging continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

Positive outcomes from the programme include:

* Increased productivity
* Improved standards of housekeeping
* Improved quality performance
* Lower absenteeism

5. Hewlett-Packard: Managing cultural change and building a high-performance workplace

In 2002 Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq began preparations for their merger. Central to its success was a strategy that created a high-performance workplace and energised employees.

Aligning technologies with standardised human resources processes and systems enabled HP to achieve their key objectives:

* Decrease HR costs by more than 30%
* Significant cost savings of $5million
* Used self-service staff to free over 200,000 hours annually
* Delivered global workforce data for faster decision making

6. Compass Group Plc: Business improvement

Now in the top 30 FTSE listed companies, Compass Group is the tenth largest employer in the world. Compass Group’s growth has been predominantly through acquisition. However in 2002 Compass group announced that its strategy would be to limit acquisitions and concentrate on organic growth. Their aim was to create a company that would be admired as much for its people and service as it was for its results.

Compass Group has achieved:

* An organic growth figure of 6% turnover
* 10% on operating profit
* 88% of Compass employees enjoy their jobs and feel motivated

Commenting on the awards, Geoff Armstrong, CIPD Director General said:
“People are the differentiators between organisational success and failure. The six finalists have shown how good people management policies can help organisations improve performance and achieve business objectives.”

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