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Pilots threaten strike action


Commercial pilots have reacted angrily to a decision that will see EU flying times adopted.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) says they are concerned that the new rules will put passengers at risk as a result of fatigue from longer hours and shorter rest periods.

Referring to the decision by the European Council of Ministers as ‘unscientific and a political fudge,’ BALPA has threatened strike action if the situation remains unchanged.

BALPA Chairman Captain Mervyn Granshaw commented: “We take our responsibility for public safety very seriously, and we don’t deal in fudges.

“The Government has said the new rules won’t change anything for UK airlines, but we have no confirmation of this, or of how long such a promise will last.”

Granshaw is calling on the government to: “come clean and confirm the position in writing.”

The union represents over 80% of the UK’s 10,000 commercial airline pilots.

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