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Pride 2021: HR’s role in supporting LGBTQ+ employees at work

Explore HRZone's calendar of activity to support Pride 2021.

Discrimination against LGBT+ people remains a significant issue within the workplace. In Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain Work Report in 2018, 35% of LGBT employees said they had hidden the fact they are LGBT at work for fear of discrimination. Furthermore, 10% of black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT employees had been physically attacked by customers or colleagues in 2018, and 12% had been physically attacked by customers or colleagues because of being trans.

While physical and mental abuse, stigma and discrimination still persist in the workplace for LGBTQ+ people, HR professionaals have a responsibility to create safe and inclusive places that enable this community to feel valued, respected and able to thrive professionally. 

We have not achieved equality until every LGBT person, of every colour and background, is able to enjoy equality within our community and outside of it.”

(Quote from Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Executive Director of UK Black Pride, and Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall) 

HRZone supports Pride

In support of Pride and the fight to achieve equality for the LGBTQ+ community, HRZone  will be featuring insights throughout the month of June to help raise awareness and share experiences of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people within the workplace. 

Stay tuned for further themes covered throughout the month, including LGBTQ+ adoption and parenting, HIV awareness, and fear of coming out at work.

Online talks

We’ll also be running an online talk on 17th June at 11am (BST) with trans ambassador at Cool2BTrans, Katie Neeves, on her personal experience of transitioning, including practical tips of how to become a trans ally.

In addition, on 29th June at 12pm (BST), we’ll be hosting a lunchtime session on HIV awareness with Aled Osborne, Fundraising & Communications Manager at the Brigstowe Project, a charity supporting those living with HIV.

Additional activity

HRZone’s coverage across Pride month is part of wider efforts from B2B publishing company Sift to champion diversity and inclusion across both the organisation and its publishing titles (including HRZone). We’re a partner of Bristol Pride 2021 and will be joining the parade on 10th July and will also be fundraising for LGBTQ mental health service

It’s important to highlight that our efforts throughout June are only just the beginning. Ensuring meaningful, sustainable change requires action beyond Pride month, and we will be committed to regularly bringing you insights and guidance not only on LGBTQ+ inclusion, but inclusion for all minority groups facing discrimination and inequality today. 

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Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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