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£1 million compensation for bullied broker


A City worker has won £1 million in compensation from his former employer, the broking firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

A High Court judge awarded the compensation to Steven Horkulak, who quit his job in June 2000 because he had been subjected to “foul and abusive” bullying by his boss, Lee Amaitis. Mr Amaitis allegedly told Mr Horkulak that he would “break him in two” and “rip his head off”.

Cantor argued that shouting and swearing were commonplace in the broking world because of its highly pressured nature. However, the judge rejected this argument saying that Cantor did not acquire “the right to treat employees according to a different standard of conduct” and described Mr Amaitis as a “dictatorial manager”.

Mr Horkulak had a nervous breakdown after spending three years at Cantor and said that he was addicted to drink and drugs and had sought treatment at a clinic.

The case is likely to have wide-ranging repercussions for many City firms, where swearing and verbal abuse are commonplace.

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