20 wellbeing questions to ask your employees

To help uncover the state of your workforce’s wellbeing, Emplomind psychologists have crafted 20 questions to ask your employees.

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Recent research by Deloitte shows C-suite executives tend to underestimate how much employees are struggling with their wellbeing.

The past few years have seen a decline in mental health caused by isolation and intense anxiety about the future – and this trend is expected to continue. WHO predicts that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of disease burden in the world.

To help uncover the state of your own workforce’s wellbeing, Emplomind psychologists have crafted 20 questions to ask your employees. This question set will allow you to measure everything from engagement levels and mental state to the way employees perceive the company culture.

In the long term, the insights gathered from surveys like this one can help you plan an effective wellbeing strategy – one that truly addresses your people’s needs.

Download the ebook to get ready-to-use questions that will help you:

  • Prepare an anonymous internal survey
  • Find out if there are any warning signs of a negative company culture
  • Detect the most common problems your employees face when it comes to mental health and communication


Emplomind is a tool created to help large and medium businesses take care of their employees’ mental wellbeing, prevent burnout, and create a healthy company culture.

We offer tailored wellbeing programs and on-demand sessions with verified therapists and coaches through our safe, anonymous web app. Our  therapists, coaches, and business trainers understand the opportunities and challenges of the modern workplace. Many of them have worked as leaders and HR specialists. They are experts in burnout prevention, communication, leadership, and more.

Our results:
81% of our users feel better after the first session.
96% of our users would recommend Emplomind to
a friend.

46% of our users are men, who are statistically less likely than women to seek support.

48% of our users never received professional mental health support before using the Emplomind app.

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