2022 Hiring survival guide

In a fast-evolving recruitment landscape, it is key that HR can keep up and seize new opportunities. This survival guide looks at navigating the changes.

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For HR, people and recruitment teams looking for ways to navigate the changing global hiring landscape.

It is no secret that many industries have had to adapt to rapid unforeseen change over the last two years, with the talent, HR and recruitment industries being no different. Many hiring strategies that were working pre-pandemic have quickly become outdated, with new trends giving way to new ways of hiring and ultimately doing business.

The new recruitment landscape is full of complexity and full of new risk and opportunity. So we have created a survival guide for HR and recruitment specialists that can be referred to for guidance.

What this guide covers:

  • Salary inflation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Going global
  • Retention
  • Mental health in the workplace


Instant Impact was founded by Rob and Felix in 2011 – they were uninspired by the range of graduate jobs available to them when they left university and set up an intern and graduate recruitment agency to do something about it!

Rob and Felix evolved the business to provide their clients with hires at every experience level but quickly realised the limitations of the traditional agency model – working at an arm’s length from clients with fees that are prohibitive to partnering at scale – they were convinced that there must be a better way..

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