2024 hiring and recruiting trends

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Top hiring challenges, priorities & methods for finding candidates

Stay ahead in 2024 with CareerBuilder’s report on hiring and recruiting trends. Discover the key challenges recruiters face, such as the demand for higher pay and talent shortages, and learn effective strategies to overcome them.

Explore top priorities like increasing retention rates, leveraging job boards and social networks, and the growing role of AI in recruitment. Equip your organisation with the insights needed to attract, hire, and retain top talent in a dynamic economic environment.




We believe that everybody should be able to build toward a career that gives them a sense of purpose.

That’s why, at CareerBuilder, it’s our mission to build personal success for all. We work to provide tools and opportunities to let everybody find meaning and value in their work, no matter their skill, background, or starting point.

Because more meaningful matches between people and employers means everybody wins.

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