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Digital HR and an employee-centred mindset are no longer optional if you wish to thrive in the ‘never normal’. Moreover, both domains are heavily intertwined: a workplace with lots of digital and mobile options is exactly what employees want.

But just how digitally mature are companies today? Are they satisfied with the way things are going or are they planning new projects? And do employees really get the attention they deserve?

Through an extensive online survey conducted in June 2020, SD Worx reached a total of 3,000 companies spread across 11 European countries. The goal: unravelling possible HR challenges by finding answers to the questions above.

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Proud to be “The Payroll People”. SD Worx are international Payroll & HR experts with over 70 years’ experience and 68,000 customers in more than 90 countries. Working with some of the world’s leading brands in multiple industries, we’re fanatical about making people’s lives better with the right tools for the new world of work.

Our unhealthy obsession with payroll means we are always enhancing our products and services for the entire employee life cycle, including Payroll, HR, Workforce Management and Analytics.

In fact, we’re the longest serving payroll provider in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

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