A guide to HR software for SMEs

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If you’re a complete newbie, you may not even know where to start with HR software. That’s why Breathe have created this complete guide to show you the ropes and get you on the right track. Think of it as your HR software GPS – designed specifically for small businesses like yours.

The guide will cover everything from what HR software is, what you should look for, how much it costs, data security – and much more. There’s even a handy checklist included to help you with your software research.


We’re Breathe, and our mission is simple: to empower busy small businesses to reclaim precious time by simplifying their people admin.

Our affordable and award-winning HR software is the trusted choice for over 14,000 SMEs, seamlessly transforming everyday people-tasks into effortless efficiencies.

With water-tight, ISO27001-accredited software, you can enjoy peace of mind that your people-data is in safe hands and that your SME is maintaining GDPR compliance.

Designed specifically for small organisations, key features include:
-100% cloud-based: easy access from anywhere, anytime
-Quick & easy implementation – hassle-free onboarding process
-Centralise employee information
-Manage holiday requests
-Monitor sickness & burnout
-Store documents in one secure place
-Track performance
-Manage expenses
-Streamline HR tasks
-Upskill your people with online courses
-Simplify your recruitment process
And so much more.

Ready to transform your HR processes? Discover the benefits of Breathe and start your FREE 14-day
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