AI in hiring: 2024 trends, insights and predictions

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AI is revolutionising hiring. How do your processes compare?

CareerBuilder surveyed over 400 hiring professionals to uncover the latest AI trends, strategies, 
and predictions.

These insights and best practices will help you confidently navigate the new hiring landscape.

Did you know…

  • Nearly half of hiring managers 
use AI in the recruiting process.
  • AI’s ethical concerns were top
of mind for 92% of hiring professionals surveyed.
  • 56% of hiring professionals think AI will make recruiters’ roles more specialised.

We believe that everybody should be able to build toward a career that gives them a sense of purpose.

That’s why, at CareerBuilder, it’s our mission to build personal success for all. We work to provide tools and opportunities to let everybody find meaning and value in their work, no matter their skill, background, or starting point.

Because more meaningful matches between people and employers means everybody wins.

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