Are you doing enough to support your employees’ health and wellbeing?

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Many companies implement wellbeing initiatives in an ad hoc way which means they don’t always relate to what employees really need, and what might be most effective for them and the company.

Developing a cohesive health and wellbeing strategy can help recruit and retain talent; and improve employee engagement and attendance resulting in increased productivity for the company.

This guide takes you through the benefits of a well thought through health and wellbeing strategy and offers five key steps that you can use to develop your own bespoke strategy, to benefit not only your employees but also your business. 

The five key steps include:

  • Planning your approach
  • Getting management buy in and securing budget
  • Developing your strategy
  • Launch your health and wellbeing strategy
  • Review and refresh

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Our focus is to enable all businesses in the UK the ability to offer affordable, high quality, private healthcare to every single one of their employees. Made possible because we’re a mutual society with over 115 years of experience supporting the needs of UK businesses and the health and wellness of their employees.

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