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Does your personnel department need a professional HR solution?

Request this free information pack and compare all leading suppliers of HR and Payroll software in the UK.

In this info pack, you’ll get:

  • Tailored HR software information 
  • Online interactive comparison report 
  • Useful book on HR software implementation
  • Best practice articles and case studies

This service will give you the perfect jump start for the selection of the most suitable HR system for your organisation. It will save you time and money by helping you to set up your shortlist quickly and easily!


What you'll learn

selecthrm is an initiative of Select. Founded in 2004, Select has developed unique online databases to compare business software. Our expertise on HR software is acknowledged by leading software vendors in Europe. The concept has proven to be very successful in 8 countries including the UK, Germany and France. Select websites attract thousands of companies for software selection every year. The service is appreciated for its simple set up, quick results and free of charge business model.

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