Driving sustainable engagement through real-time recognition and feedback

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Employee engagement is a constantly shifting emotional indicator that can – when understood and interpreted correctly – give organisations the insight to both ascertain their own performance in terms of communication and culture, and improve the wellbeing and productivity of  employees. 

Dealing with these variables on a yearly basis doesn’t make sense because they are in constant flux. Organisations therefore need tools  – such as continuous feedback and real-time recognition platforms – to help positively influence these variables on a more regular basis.

To help HR teams deliver more sustainable engagement in their business, this whitepaper explores the tools, mindset and knowledge needed to use real-time feedback and recognition strategically in order to turn the dial up on organisational success.

Download this guide to both understand the real value of these types of real-time technologies and learn how to effectively implement them within your organisation.

What you'll learn

  • What real-time, multi-touch engagement and recognition look like when it comes to driving sustainable engagement and productivity
  • How organisations can leverage the latest technologies to give them the best basis for making this work at scale
  • What HR needs to know about psychology to embed recognition into everyday organisational life


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