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The #ExploreChange Campaign aims to guide organisations of all sizes and budgets through achievable challenges to transform their workplace culture.

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Introducing #ExploreChange
transforming UK workplace culture

Real guidance, achievable steps – Unlocking better business performance

We at HRZone, believe that positive workplace culture is the key to better business performance. By investing in culture change and taking actionable steps to create a more inclusive, supportive, and productive work environment, organisations can unlock their true potential.

That’s why we’re asking you to join the Culture Pioneer movement through our #ExploreChange campaign.

The #ExploreChange campaign aims to provide guidance to organisations of all sizes and budgets in the form of achievable challenges to transform their workplace culture. To start we are asking organisations to make a simple commitment by pledging their intent. The next step is to take on one or more of our three challenges through which organisations can gain valuable insights and tools to create a more positive and productive work environment.

This guide walks you through how to approach each of the challenges and helps you start on your organisation’s journey to successful workplace culture change.




What you'll learn


We are on a mission to support and celebrate the heroes of workplace culture change. We have something for every culture crafter – from our #ExploreChange social campaign, to our guidance-driven content, to our awards programme and networking event.

By 2026 we aim to empower over 500 UK organisations to cultivate a healthier, more inclusive and thriving workplace culture.


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