Five governance levers to prioritise for ESG success

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Discover the five governance levers to prioritise for ESG success in this new report from HRZone and The Open University.

Despite 84% of business leaders claiming high engagement with environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, only 8% say they have a fully realised ESG strategy (The Open University, 2023).

This report, written by leadership and culture specialist Blaire Palmer, reveals how to bridge this gap between good intentions and actual delivery of ESG actions. With contributions from OU experts within finance, sustainability, law and business, this resource offers diverse and compelling perspectives that will revitalise your governance approach.

You’ll learn five crucial levers organisations can pull to build environmental and social commitments into the fabric of their governance and operations. From influencing policymakers to upskilling your workforce, these levers will help make ESG goals as critical a priority as financial metrics.

Download the report to ensure your organisation’s ESG ambitions genuinely translate into positive impacts that strengthen resilience.


Learn more about these five governance levers…

  • Transition from shareholder to multiple stakeholders
  • Influence policymakers
  • Make it personal
  • Bake in long-term thinking
  • Build bench strength – upskill and reskill


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