Flexible working for parents: personal stories and practical research for HR

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How does flexible working actually work when you're a mother or father?

If you work in HR and want to know more about what parents need from flexible working, download our report using the form on the right.

As well as two personal stories from a mother and father who use flexible working to improve their work and home lives, you'll also find two articles from researchers with practical advice on how you can improve your flexible working policy.

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  • Why one man talks about flexibility and 'being equals' in the same sentence
  • How flexible working can help couples coordinate schedules
  • How to resolve the unintended consequences of flexible working

…and more. Download our report, in association with Mumsnet and Womba Group, today.

What you'll learn


Mumsnet is the UK’s biggest network for parents and aims to provide knowledge insight and a supportive community. WOMBA Group is a maternity coaching consultancy offering tailored programmes to ensure that the right support and expertise is available to both colleagues and managers at every stage of transition in and out of work.

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