How the Great Resignation will shape HR and the future of work

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After nearly two years of uncertainty, workers are now refusing to be treated as a labour force and are demanding precedence.  If companies do not put their people at the core of business, employees are more than happy to look for opportunity elsewhere.

In this survey report, Workhuman® iQ interviewed more than 3,500 workers in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada on their connection to their jobs and their companies and what’s on the horizon for their careers.

The survey report examines the findings and reveals the top workplace practises that enable you to re-evaluate your people processes and thrive even in the midst of the Great Resignation.

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The Human Workplace.

What’s worth more than any other tangible asset in the global economy? You guessed it. Humans. But a human workplace is more than head count, more than even a mindset. It’s a new work paradigm that leverages the power of human connection to build resilient, high-performing teams – no matter where those teams happen to be. Welcome to ours. Find out more from Workhuman here:

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