How to show the value and impact of learning at work

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Workplace L&D professionals are rightly concerned with demonstrating the value of what they do, but are unsure how to achieve this.

This whitepaper, authored by Donald H Taylor, Chairmain from the Learning and Performance Institute, gives an overview of the different methods used to show the impact and value of learning and suggests how L&D professionals can decide which approach to use.

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For more than 45 years The Open University (OU) has led the way in part-time education, developing workplace learning and development solutions for employers (across the private, public and voluntary sectors), as well as educating individuals. Specialising in developing high quality learning materials, based on rigorous research and industry insight, the OU combines academic excellence with technological expertise to deliver flexible, results-driven and truly engaging workplace learning solutions.

The OU’s global reach enables consistent learning to be delivered at scale, across geographically dispersed workforces, through an online delivery model that uses advanced learning analytics to enhance the  performance of busy professionals. This – coupled with a successful, well-developed blended learning approach – is how the OU has enabled employers to deliver learning that is responsive to both organisational and staff needs, therefore maximising their return on learning investment.

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