Increasing Engagement and Insight from Employee Research

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Good employers have long understood the importance of researching the feelings of their staff through an employee opinion survey. But, increasingly, the best employers are gauging workforce opinions much more regularly. The emerging model uses flexible technologies that enable organisations to control their data and transform relationships with employees. In this whitepaper you can read how:

  • More frequent, tailored research can provide the insight needed to implement effective change
  • Better workforce data can help HR demonstrate it’s strategic importance
  • Surveys can be launched in a matter of minutes
  • Merging employee engagement data and customer feedback can provide valuable insights

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Questback is a global leader in enterprise feedback management with more than 5000 customers world-wide using its solutions for gathering, analysing and acting on business-critical information. Questback’s customers improve their financial results by improving customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Our customers, like Questback, believe that people and businesses need feedback to learn and grow, and Questback technology allows you to capture this wisdom from all your stakeholders including employees, customers and market research participants.

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