The State of Digital HR in 2017

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Download this report to learn how ready UK companies are for embracing digital HR, why they are investing and in which areas these investments are being made.

As custodians of the employee experience, an experience that is increasingly digital, HR must be at the forefront of digital skills, innovation and knowledge if the organisation and its people are to thrive. 

In this report, you'll also capture insightful viewpoints from industry experts John Somers Head of HR Management Services, Sheffield Hallam University, David D’Souza, Head of London & Head of Engagement (Branches) at CIPD and David Welch, CTO at CoreHR about why they think digital HR is the way forward. 

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how you can adapt to digital change this year!


What you'll learn


CoreHR delivers advanced HCM  technology to some of the world’s leading organisations including the University of Oxford, Peabody, Cineworld and Starwood Reservations to name but a few. CoreHR manages all strategic and transactional HR and Payroll processes with highly intuitive and easy to use solutions that streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Empower your global workforce with a mobile experience enabling them to perform tasks and access information anytime, anywhere and on any device, transforming the way your people work. CoreHR’s next generation HCM technology removes all the complexity around HR and Payroll processes, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your people.


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