The State of HR 2021: Compiling research, thought leadership and emerging practices

A singular helpful resource exploring the most credible and thought provoking papers out there in the HR world in 2021.

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In an era of information overload, many HR and people professionals are struggling to keep pace with the swathes of research, insights and recommendations published on how to navigate the changing world of work.

To help overcome this challenge, ‘The State of HR 2021’ aggregates and synthesises the rhetoric of some of the most credible and thought provoking papers out there in the HR world.

The authors and curators of this report – Perry Timms, Anna Hobson and Katy Stanley of PTHR – spent four months in 2021 reviewing and analysing over 38 papers, as well as interviewing a small sample size of practitioners, to provide a compilation of insights on what could be next for HR. Beyond this narrative, the report also provides suggestions for what HR can do to focus, adapt and deliver on some of the most complex challenges we now face.

The curation of insights is broken down into five key HR areas:

  1. Establishing new baselines
  2. Teams and leadership
  3. Systems and practices
  4. HR’s transformational playbook
  5. HR and leadership skills needed for now and next

Download the report for a singular helpful resource that brings together multiple call of action for the new state of HR in 2021.


People and Transformational HR (PTHR) is a growing consulting firm in organisation design, performance and people-powered change. A Gold-Standard 4-day working week and Living Wage organisation, PTHR’s mission is “Better Business for a Better World”.

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