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The annual appraisal’s long reign is finally coming to an end. Discover how visionary HR leaders are delivering genuine change to performance management…

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Performance management is changing. Visionary HR leaders are hunting down innovative tech to deliver genuine organisational change. The annual appraisal’s long reign is finally coming to an end. 

We’ve created the first ever comprehensive view of performance management in the UK. We’ll be digging into the insight, opinions and aspirations of HR leaders, managers, employees as we uncover why the market is changing, where it’s going and how we’ll get there. 

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Clear Review was born in 2016, but it was conceived at Sony Music International more than ten years before that. Our CEO, Stuart Hearn, then Sony’s HR director, saw how an atmosphere of candour and transparency was incredibly successful at developing people and driving performance.

Clear Review is a performance development tool that actually improves performance. We believe managers and employees should meet and talk regularly and continuously to discuss welfare, goals and achievements, and give each other meaningful, in-the-moment feedback.

So that’s what we’ve built: a software solution for organisations that want their people to be better. We’ve done it – and won hundreds of customers along the way – by staying true to the values that our product is based on.

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