Webinar: Employee engagement and customer experience surveys – two sides of the same coin? 26 Nov, 11am

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Employee engagement customer experience surveys – two sides of the same coin?

It’s a well-known fact that if employers look after their employees, their employees will look after the customers. There is a clear link between the two, yet nearly two thirds (64%) of UK companies are failing to integrate feedback across the two areas.

The recent Questback Enterprise Feedback Study found that those that are integrating Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Engagement (EE) feedback are seeing major benefits. 83% reported an improved customer experience and 75% felt it motivated employees.

Join this webinar to find out more about the research, and to hear factual examples of how combining CX and EE feedback has helped companies to drive business improvements.

Joining this live webinar are:

  • Jamie Lawrence, Editor, HRZone
  • Paul Barnes, Managing Director, Questback UK
  • Ben Kent, Managing Director, Meridian West

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Questback is a global leader in enterprise feedback management with more than 5000 customers world-wide using its solutions for gathering, analysing and acting on business-critical information. Questback’s customers improve their financial results by improving customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Our customers, like Questback, believe that people and businesses need feedback to learn and grow, and Questback technology allows you to capture this wisdom from all your stakeholders including employees, customers and market research participants.

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