What makes a Culture Pioneer? Six emerging trends

Gain a deeper insight into some of the key tenets of people-centric cultures.

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Building a better culture for your organisation and its people can sometimes feel like rolling a boulder up an endless hill – the effort is huge, and the progress is little.

To help you on your journey, HRZone has unearthed some early trends among HR and L&D leaders who are excelling at culture change. These leaders and their teams took part in our Culture Pioneers initiative last year and we were blown away by their drive, ingenuity and agility when supporting employees in the face of the pandemic.

In this report, we shine a spotlight on these commonalities to help people professionals and business leaders gain a deeper insight into some of the key tenets of people-centric cultures. In addition, our Culture Pioneers ambassadors Gethin Nadin, Blaire Palmer and Professor Emma Parry also share their expertise on how organisations can make a greater impact in this area.

This report includes:

  • Six emerging trends from progressive people-focused cultures
  • Unique examples from our inaugural Culture Pioneers
  • Useful takeaways on how to nurture healthy, thriving cultures

Download the report today for a glimpse at how other organisations are developing successful cultures in a new era of work.


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