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Review: Winning the knowledge game


Title: Winning the Knowledge Game: Smarter learning for business excellence
Author: Alastair Rylatt
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Price: £19.99 (from Amazon.UK)
Soft back: 224 pages
ISBN: 0750658096
Reviewer: Dr Jeff Wooller

This new book covers the issues in building business success, with a focus on human resource and knowledge management. It summarises key actions needed to bring about success in each of the areas covered.

The author is acknowledged in Australia as an expert trainer, strategist and award-winning author in the fields of workplace learning, advanced training skills and change management. He has wide experience in business having acted as consultant to over 200 organisations worldwide.

Topics here include: having a winning strategy, improving collaboration and teamwork, creating a smarter business, competitive intelligence, protecting intellectual property, keeping talent, adapting to the latest digital technology, increasing customer loyalty and measuring the impact of your people on performance, market value and society.

There is practical advice on the strategies, tactics and systems you need to remain capable and agile in a rapidly changing business world. The author advocates a transparent and ethical approach in all areas of business.

Three questions are examined:
* How do you open the hearts and minds of people to smarter learning?
* How do you grow competitive advantage?
* How do you sustain and ensure lasting success?

There is no doubt that the book is well researched and written but it relates more to the Australian market place than the British one. I could not find details of the book on the publisher’s website when I tried to check the selling price. Going to only added to the confusion because the price given is for a hardback.

You will have to make your own decision on whether to buy a book, which is past its sell-by date. However, you might have to pay more if you wait for the second edition

Dr Jeff Wooller is President of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers

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