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Revolutionary tool promises to stress bust on the move


A hand-held sensory device that enables workers to monitor and manage their own stress levels as they work has been launched.

The gadget, invented by Austrian scientist Christ Stockinger, relies on clinical-grade biosensors to determine stress by measuring minute changes in the electrical properties of the user’s skin.

The Optimal Office biosensor is fitted to a modified handheld mouse and continually measures the user’s stress levels as they work at their PC. According to the company behind the new gadget, the technology alerts the user when their stress level reaches a pre-determined threshold and offers quick response techniques to help them lower it.

The system aims to not only monitor levels of stress but improve awareness of the causes via PC-based training. The 180 relaxation and coping tips are rolled out whilst the user continues to work, according to the backers.

Hot Forest managing director, Richard Staniszewski, who is behind the launch said: “For the first time ever, employees can measure their own emotional responses while they work. Meanwhile, the company benefits from understanding the psychological wellbeing of their workforce.”

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Annie Hayes


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