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Round-up: 7 things we’ll cover in mental wellbeing month


March is mental wellbeing month on HRZone. We'll be highlighting lots of content around all aspects of mental wellbeing in the workplace, taking a holistic look at how we can create the right conditions for psychological warmth and health at work and at home.

Here are 7 things we'll be covering during March:

1. Presenteeism at work and in specific occupations

Some of our academic friends at the University of Bedfordshire have penned a three-part series for our mental wellbeing month on presenteeism in the workplace, including how it presents, how to tackle it, and the unintended consequences of tackling it in the wrong way.

They also look at presenteeism in both lecturers and prison officers, which is really interesting and makes a good couple of pieces for comparison.

2. E-resilience – and why HR should care about it

We keep hearing about the effects of technology on our brains, including our addiction to smartphones, our email anxiety and more.

In this article, researcher Almuth McDowall looks at the emerging field of e-resilience, and how it can help organisations develop resilient workforces that are happier and more effective.

3. HR After Dark: Breaking the mental health stigma

A FTSE50 HR director goes under the radar and contributes to our anonymous column HR After Dark to say why they're frankly fed up of the mental health stigma and what we should be doing to tackle it.

4. Why mental health absences are rising in the UK

HR professional Paul Carter, one of our regular writers, looks at why – with all the focus on mental wellbeing in society – mental health absences continue to rise across the country. A good, honest appraisal of the situation we're facing.

5. Should we make more of walking meetings?

Jeff Archer, a nutrition and wellbeing consultant, explores why walking meetings work as a physical break from the boundaries of the established workplace, how they can boost mental wellbeing and how you can run walking meetings efficiently and enjoyably.

6. It's time we talked about email apnea

Author and speaker Linda Stone discusses email apnea, or the moment we hold our breath when refreshing our inbox and waiting for new emails to arrive. It's bad for our physical and mental wellbeing and we all need to stop. But what can we do?

7. My eight-year-old's workload warning led me to a healthier balance

A nice, personal story about how one woman's daughter gave her the impetus to put the brakes on her working habits. A nice, heartfelt tale with practical advice thrown in if you're also considering slowing the pace down a bit.

All this and more is coming up throughout March! Do you want to contribute in some way? Got a personal story of mental health in the workplace? An opinion on flexible working or work-life balance? Want to rant about poor practice you've seen? Whatever it is, get in touch at [email protected] and we'll talk. It would be great to have you on the site.

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