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Silver surfers smash stereotype


Older workers are being praised for embracing modern workplace methods and becoming competent with new technology.

Findings from the poll by Lifelong Learning UK show that more than half of older employees love new technology and are confident about their level of skills.

Chris Ball, chief executive of The Age and Employment Network, said: “It is good to see any evidence of misconceived stereotypes about older people being aired. More than 50 per cent of people over the age of 50 surf the net and some 3 million have access to computers.

“Older people have years of knowledge and skills behind them and potentially valuable service to offer, but all too often they are cast aside as a neglected resource through wrong-headed attitudes. Stereotypes like ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ were never appropriate but today, when older workers turn their hands to all manner of challenges, they seem ludicrously outmoded.”

Latest statistics show that 2.4 million additional people aged 50 plus would like to go on working and if 1 million would-be workers returned to the job market, they would contribute more than £30 billion to our economy.

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Annie Hayes


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