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SMEs say ‘no’ to more bank holidays


A new survey has revealed that over 90% of businesses believe that a new bank holiday will have a negative impact on productivity.

The news comes on the back of fresh calls by the Trades Union Congress to bring the number of bank holidays in line with the rest of Europe who currently average 11 days a year.

Peninsula law firm asked 895 small businesses whether they would be in favour of the proposals. An overwhelming majority, 92% said they would not support an additional, imposed holiday.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula commented:

“For a business a bank holiday spells out a stunt in operations with workers allowed time off. I have no doubt that the extra time off will costs businesses millions of pounds and causes employers much agitation.”

Employees on the other hand weren’t nearly as reticent. Almost all, 97% were in favour of the proposals with 94% saying that they believe that an additional holiday would increase workers motivation levels in the workplace.

Done adds: “However I understand that many employees would like the number of bank holidays to be brought in line with many of our European counterparts and typically we have seen a split between what employers want and what employees would ideally like. The additional holidays could be seen as a morale boost to staff.”

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