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Snow joke as workers lie about being trapped by the weather


Were you at work last week or were you ‘snowed in’? It seems a quarter of UK workers lied about being snowed-in to enjoy a sneaky day off from the office.

It seems it wasn’t just school children who made the most of the blanket of snow that covered much of the UK over the last few weeks.
A quarter of the 1,409 workers surveyed by downright lied about their ability to brave the ice and snow, a further third exaggerated conditions and 42% lied about transport problems.
Half of those employees who stayed home during the poor weather failed to actually do any work at all, the survey revealed.
But this deception did not go unnoticed by their coworkers. A suspicious 72% of colleagues who made it into the office admitted to “having doubts” whether these home-stranded workers were telling the truth, while a third were jealous of them.
The cold snap has cost the UK economy dearly. Research by vehicle breakdown service Green Flag Breakdown found more than 51 million working hours were lost, costing businesses £318m. More than 8.5 million of British adults were unable to work their contracted hours because of the weather.

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