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Some people are stupid?


Manager Steve McMahon, at Greater Manchester recruitment agency LMR says silly answers on application forms could stop you getting a job reports news agency Ananova.

McMahon’s advice came after a series of application forms showed what he described as people having their lights on but no-one at home. His examples include the following:

  • the lorry driver who said that he could drive a truck as long as it wasn’t orange
  • the applicant who gave a window cleaner as a referee, but when asked for a contact number said that he was dead
  • the woman who said that she had left her previous job because her manager couldn’t get on with her
McMahon said that whilst this years A-level results would indicate that people are getting smarter, it looks like “some people are stupid”.

“Answers like these are not the way to get a job”, he said.

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