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Staff critical of managers’ skills


More than half of British workers think their manager does not have the skills required to do their job, according to a new survey.

The poll of 200 workers found that:

  • 25% said their managers needed to brush up on their communication skills

  • 10% felt that their manager’s language skills could be improved.

  • Nearly 20% felt their bosses’ organisational skills could be improved upon.

  • A quarter of bosses were branded technophobes.

One area that staff felt their managers were more than capable is delegation. A mere 9% of employees felt their managers need to improve on their delegation skills.

Ebi Zadeh, executive director at Parity Training, which conducted the survey, referred to the results as a “cause for concern.”

“Communication and organisational skills are vital management capabilities. Not only do the results cast some doubt on the calibre of UK managers, but they provide little inspiration for the next generation of British business leaders,” Zadeh said.

“We’re in a climate of tough competition in the job market, so it’s up to individuals and managers alike to keep themselves marketable and employable.”

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Annie Hayes


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