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Staff Handbooks/Induction pack


Dear all,

I’m currently compiling a staff handbook, which I would like to work hand in hand with the Induction pack.

I’m a little concerned that whilst it would be ideal for us to have all our policies and procedures in one unweildy pack. It would most likely put the new starter off from wanting to read it and therefore being of no benefit whatsoever.

Has anyone any soft copies of induction packs they provide so I can see what designs are being used out there?

I’m thinking of putting some basic policies and procedures in the pack and then a referred document to the whole of the staff handbook complete with all our rules and regs.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Steve Donoghue

11 Responses

  1. Staff Handbook / Induction Pack Template
    Hi Wendy

    Sorry for the delay in reading your message.

    I have a similar task to do and would very much appreciate it if you could forward me a copy of the template.

    Many thanks

    [email protected]

  2. Staff handbook

    I am currently doing the CIPD-CPP course and I have chosen to write the staff handbook as my main project for this course.
    I don’t really know where to start and I would really appreciate it if somebody could perhaps send me a template to use as a start point.
    Any information would be very very helpful.

    Many thanks

  3. Employee Handbook
    Hi there, just seen this discussion! I am looking to update our Company handbook which is long overdue. I would be interested if you did have any ideas or found any up to date templates that you would be willing to share?? I am thinking of a fresh approach as opposed to just updating the current version which is well out of date.
    Many thanks!

  4. Staff Handbook – Reply to Wendy Evans

    Hi Wendy,

    thanks for your reply. I finally finished my staff handbook and also company handbook using a similar format, as suggested by yourself.

    I would nevertheless be most interested to see the template used by you, as a comparison.

    Many thanks,


  5. co. handbook template
    Hi Wendy

    Might you be willing to let me have a copy of the template as well? I would like to compare with what I have drafted – not being an HR specialist.

    [email protected]

  6. Template

    Please let me have your e-mail address, I couldn’t find it in the members area. I have found the template and would be happy to send it to you.


  7. Staff Handbook – Quick Win
    Hi Steve,

    I have been in a similar position and one where the idea of starting a handbook from scrach was really daunting. My quick win was to use a downloadable template, it made it really easy to format etc and the handbook was done in very little time and was very well received.

    Let me know if you want some more info on this, I might still even have the template..

  8. Staff Handbook
    Hi, I have just started a new position, and have found that there is a lot to do. A quick win for me, and one that at the moment I do not have time to complete – despite long hours – is to form a new staff handbook with the relevant policies. Would one of my fellow HR network, allow me to have a look at their current handbook/policy?

    I will return the favour one day!

    email [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

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