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Stone speaks: What drives women in the workplace?


On average, a woman will job hop seven times during the course of her career and while salary plays a part in the decision making process, 25% of the evaluation is based on factors other than money.

Women are increasingly driven by diverse rewards, professional challenges, quality of life, time for outside work interests and commitments, the search for self-authenticity and values congruency. Many companies offer their employees a variety of benefits and incentives to keep them happy. Companies should implement a work environment that is both effective and rewarding for women by focusing on the following factors:

  • Creating a fair workplace
    Establishing a fair workplace is vital. When working in an environment where equal pay and equal opportunities are attainable, women tend to develop the mentality that success can be achieved based on merit and not gender. When personalities and individual characteristics are respected then each person can fully display their quality of work and deliverables achieved.
  • More rewards & recognition
    Women that contribute to achieving the company’s goals and objectives or who improve the company’s efficiency and effectiveness should be rewarded and recognised. Women feel more important and appreciated if their hard work on a particular project or assignment is acknowledged. Rewards and recognition can either be monetary or non-monetary. Whatever form of reward is given, it is sure to lift morale and will motivate women to work harder and encourage them to work to the best of their abilities.
  • Increased challenges & opportunities
    For many women, working in an environment that is challenging and rewarding is very important. Women want to work where they feel they are going to enhance and hone their abilities, and where they can also learn to improve on their careers. Working where there is constant learning and development is key to motivation. When women are offered challenges to improve and awarded opportunities then it feels like there is a goal that can be attained.
  • Balanced work life
    Flexible work hours and working from home are major incentives that appeal to women. By controlling your working hours, this allows for more time to develop and tend to other areas of life outside of the work place. For women with families, this is most effective as it allows you to work around the routine of your children, allowing you time at work and at home. Flexible working also provides employees with an increase in work efficiency by reducing the stress and time it takes to commute to work, allowing them to devote more time on certain projects or assignments. It manages time more effectively and gives women a chance to feel balanced at home and at work.

By investigating companies and researching organisations, women can find a career at a company that offers a perfect balance.

One very helpful site is Where women want to work this provides a free online service for women to research, compare and comment on many of the top organisations and companies. It shows what they are doing to attract, advance and retain top female talent. Companies can explain what outcome, benefits, measurements and initiatives they adopt to ensure that they provide a diverse and inclusive workplace in which women thrive.

There are many factors that are involved in motivating women in the workplace. Today’s workplace has become a very competitive arena, and companies need to do more then just a pat on the back to motivate their staff. Companies must provide key benefits and incentives that will ensure women stay at their jobs and are satisfied. When companies understand what motivates their female staff, this can lead to a workplace with less stress, more job satisfaction and better opportunities.

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Annie Hayes


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