When writing an article for HRZone, please read and comply with style guide.

Article requirements

Use of generative AI to write articles

Do not use generative AI to write your article. If the editor suspects it has been used, it is at their discretion to reject the article. You may, however, use it within sections of your article up to a maximum of 250 words, but you must reference when and where it has been included.

Standard style requirements

Content types

When pitching articles, let us know which of the below content types you would like to submit. Please adhere to the guidelines for each content type.


Guidance pieces should offer clear, detailed guidance on a narrow topic. These can be formatted as listicles, ‘how-to’ guides, tips or takeaways. We do not want vague advice on a broad issue; it has to be specific.

Provocative opinion 

Articles that are likely to provoke a strong opinion through an unconventional approach to traditionally biased topics, tackling controversial or sensitive issues or uniquely approaching a topic. We do NOT want opinion articles that claim to be provocative but under closer inspection are regurgitating widely held views.

Food for thought:

Lessons learned

An honest appraisal of an approach that seeks to understand and dissect with the intention of learning from the experience.

Please note – this is an in-depth article form that goes into a lot of depth with complete transparency. Do NOT provide vague, generic answers that we already know and do not explore the topic with any real insight.

The key questions to consider:

Interviews with people leaders

We do not regularly publish interviews; however, we will consider arranging these with top-level people professionals who are doing progressive things within their organisation or who hold a standpoint that veers away from the norm.

We will not accept interview requests unless you provide details on how the individual meets the above criteria.

Sponsored articles 

Sponsored articles are a way for brands to position themselves as experts on a topic related to their offering. These features are NOT advertorials. These articles are required to be vendor agnostic and to avoid product or service placement in the main body. At the end of the piece, 70 words of promotional copy, with a link, can be included. For more details, download our media pack.

Research articles

These articles analyse contemporary and ground-breaking research relating to important areas of the HR profession, pulling out key findings and summarising the most startling data to come from the research. These articles will critically analyse the significance of the findings and their impact on HR professionals. The article should aim to follow up with new and significant insights arising from the research analysis.

These pieces should NOT cover research that has been overdone or research that is not particularly illuminating or is inundated with stats and figures. All data must be linked to the original source. 

Content we do not want