Why businesses need to embrace the external workforce on their journey to recovery


Take a moment to think about the nurse pulling a double shift, working tirelessly for those most in need and lending comfort, albeit remotely, to a worried family, all the while potentially living away from his or her family to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 due to heightened exposure. Or consider the delivery driver, […]

Employee experience: how to actively engage temp staff this summer


Hiring temporary workers over the summer is a necessity in many businesses, but how can you ensure they perform as well as your permanent staff and deliver the same level of service? The key is to make sure they’re properly engaged. As businesses slide into summer, ready to manage the surge in traffic and reach […]

Recruitment strategy: why temporary staff make businesses stronger


Hiring temporary workers can help cover busy periods, keep your permanent team happy and improve your customer relationships – which is why it’s an ideal solution in a fast-moving business environment. According to the SIA Talent Study 2019, 30% of UK companies now hire temporary staff across all job levels, from managers to admin. This […]

The gig economy: preparing for the disruptive forces shaping work


Mike Hammer – aka ‘The Gig Doctor’ – outlines how ongoing economic and societal events are disrupting the workplace and shifting skills requirements. Is HR ready to respond and adjust accordingly? A recent publication from Deloitte, ‘Flipping the narrative toward a brighter future,’ is worth reading if you’ve not already. The article explores an alternative […]

How can HR meet challenges along the many routes to future work?


If, as an HR professional, you believe the often used quip ‘one size does not fit all’, then accepting the need for multiple paths, bridges and contingencies to future work should not be that difficult. In part three of this series on crossing the chasms to future work, Mike Hammer – aka ‘The Gig Doctor’ – […]

How can HR build new bridges for future work?


The assumptions, strategies and techniques that have helped HR in the past will not suffice for navigating through the disruptive tsunami that is set to impact every business and its workforce. In the second of this series, Mike Hammer – aka ‘The Gig Doctor’ – explores how to sort out the good, the bad and […]